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STROKECare Air & Ground brings the hospital to Nassau County, NY

Strokecare Air and Ground, is a non-profit dedicated to the mission of installing ambulances dedicated to stroke treatment starting with Nassau County New York. In our infancy, we plan to raise money for our cause and gift these to hospitals and local municipalities. Nobody will be rejected due to insurance.
It will be a game changer. A life saver.
Mobile stroke units bring the hospital resources to your home with scanners and medicine. The mission is also to raise awareness of Strokes and similar traumatic brain injuries. and encourage the local and national community to get involved. Charitable organization dedicated to putting mobile stroke unit ambulances air and ground in your and every neighborhood starting with Nassau County Long Island NY. They are desperately needed. The ambulances dedicated to handling strokes shall employ the latest technology to triage, diagnose, and treat strokes as fast possible before getting to the hospital. Every second counts between life and death.If you want to know more about donations, activities, events or campaigns contact us through our booking form to get in touch.

A Life Saver. A Game Changer.


Every 4 seconds a person dies from stroke.

In Nassau County one hospital had six stroke emergencies per day. That adds up to 180 per month. That's 2,160 per year. Now assuming similiar number of emergencies occur in all 12 hospitals in Nassau County, that's 25,920 people having strokes in Nassa County!!! 

We must do something right away before more people die, are severely impaired or in a coma.upporting our charity with a monthly donation or a one off donation has never been simpler, and we appreciate whatever you can spare.

Stroke Risk, Are you next?

Blood thinning medicine is often prescribed to minimize chances of life threatening clots or reducing the risk of a clot becoming life threatening. And often it is likely that they are effective.
However, these medicines increase your chance of bleeding. If your level is too high, you are at a high risk of bleeding in the brain, too and suffering a hemorragic stroke at some point. That can be more challenging to treat successfully.Medicines must beadministered immediately to clot and stop the bleed, then likely neurosurgery is needed. 

We understand how precious every penny you earn is to you and your family, but we hope you’ll find it in your heart to spare whatever you can you help our charitable cause. We rely on your generosity each and every day as we work tirelessly to help those in need. Rest assured, all the money we raise goes straight back into our charitable endeavors, helping those who need it most.

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